July 26, 2014

Airmail is a powerful mail client with a minimal design and intuitive interaction. Support for MS Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™, Outlook.com™, Live.com™. Airmail was designed from the ground to retain the same experience with a single or multiple accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience.

Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption - it’s the mail client for the 21st century. We have taken usability and function to the next level with Airmail and bring a striking-design with support for all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and more.

Switch between accounts like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds - email has never been so easy.


Mac App Store - Airmail

My favourite email app for Mac. Best feature for me? Ability to send emails over to my Project Management app, OmniFocus 2.

July 26, 2014
Remember to be polite to your baristas.

Remember to be polite to your baristas.

July 22, 2014
California: A Novel: Edan Lepucki

The world Cal and Frida have always known is gone, and they’ve left the crumbling city of Los Angeles far behind them. They now live in a shack in the wilderness, working side-by-side to make their days tolerable in the face of hardship and isolation. Mourning a past they can’t reclaim, they seek solace in each other. But the tentative existence they’ve built for themselves is thrown into doubt when Frida finds out she’s pregnant.

Terrified of the unknown and unsure of their ability to raise a child alone, Cal and Frida set out for the nearest settlement, a guarded and paranoid community with dark secrets. These people can offer them security, but Cal and Frida soon realize this community poses dangers of its own. In this unfamiliar world, where everything and everyone can be perceived as a threat, the couple must quickly decide whom to trust.

A gripping and provocative debut novel by a stunning new talent, California imagines a frighteningly realistic near future, in which clashes between mankind’s dark nature and deep-seated resilience force us to question how far we will go to protect the ones we love.

July 22, 2014
Sweetness #9: A Novel: Stephan Eirik Clark

Receiving the ColbertNation bump

It’s 1973, and David Leveraux has landed his dream job as a Flavorist-in-Training, working in the secretive industry where chemists create the flavors for everything from the cherry in your can of soda to the butter on your popcorn.

While testing a new artificial sweetener—“Sweetness #9”—he notices unusual side-effects in the laboratory rats and monkeys: anxiety, obesity, mutism, and a generalized dissatisfaction with life. David tries to blow the whistle, but he swallows it instead.

Years later, Sweetness #9 is America’s most popular sweetener—and David’s family is changing. His wife is gaining weight, his son has stopped using verbs, and his daughter suffers from a generalized dissatisfaction with life. Is Sweetness #9 to blame, along with David’s failure to stop it? Or are these just symptoms of the American condition?

David’s search for an answer unfolds in this expansive novel that is at once a comic satire, a family story, and a profound exploration of our deepest cultural anxieties. Wickedly funny and wildly imaginative, Sweetness #9 questions whether what we eat truly makes us who we are.

July 19, 2014
Grammar Police.

Grammar Police.

July 12, 2014
Cromwell’s Head

From one showman to another, Cromwell’s head passed through the eighteenth century, turning a profit each time. The only problem was wear and tear. At some point, perhaps as far back as the day at Tyburn, Cromwell had lost an ear and several teeth. His nose had been crushed, his hair was thinning, his flesh was desiccated, and his skin was yellow-brown. The incongruous appearance of this hard, dry object made it an effective memento mori. This was what death looked like. Cromwell, the great commander, was now nothing more than a lump of matter, subject to the whims of Mother Nature and dependent on the passions of the paying public.

Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found by Frances Larson

A lengthier excerpt is found in the August issue of Harpers.

Rather fascinating and grotesque to discover that they exhumed the body after his death (from illness) to perform a public beheading, and then proceeded to display the head for nearly three hundred years. It’s an interesting story which makes me curious to read the full book when it’s released in August.

Cromwell’s Head was originally published by James McCullough at Four Sides on July 12, 2014.

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July 11, 2014

Learn something new every day: Forrest Gump came out in 1994, which is closer to the Vietnam War (ended in 1975) than we are to 1994.

June 27, 2014
"When you’re learning about something and dissecting it, I don’t think you’re really through until you don’t understand anything about it. If you study something and you find all this stuff about it, you just went skin deep, so if you keep going and going, you should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions. If you take any subject and keep asking, “Why,” without stopping, you’ll get to a point where there really isn’t any clear answers."

Louis CK Interview — Medium

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June 6, 2014

Coca-Cola 2nd Lives (by Coca-Cola)

Such a brilliant idea. Coca-Cola has produced different caps to use to add functionality to the empty bottles: spray bottle, water gun, condiment dispenser, etc. Hope this comes to North America.

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May 19, 2014


World’s Best Father by Dave Engledow
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I should have done this.

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May 19, 2014




stumbled across this link today and damn

I didn’t believe these so here are some sources


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May 19, 2014





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May 5, 2014




never not reblog this ever

Wow, and this was a FOX news guy.

love this guy.

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May 5, 2014


May 4, 2014

Remember that this moment is not your life, it’s just a moment in your life. Focus on what is in front of you, right now. Ignore what it “represents” or it “means” or “why it happened to you.”

There is plenty else going on right here to care about any of that.


— From the excellent, “The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph" by Ryan Holiday